Club Activities

Tuesday Time Trials:

The club has its time trials with routes of 4 and 8 km scheduled every Tuesday. The time trials start at 17:30.

You are welcome to join us for social time trials on the last Tuesday of the month.

Thursday Hill or Speed Work:

The club has its runs with on track or hill work or 8-10 km social run scheduled for every Thursday with a start time of 17:30. The actual nature of the session is communicated as necessary.

Sunday Club Run:

The club has long runs between 15 and 30 km (with a seconding car and water points at every 3 km to hand out drinks provided by club members) every Sunday. The cost for the Sunday run is R10 for visiting members. You can also hop into a car when you have had enough, or if you are falling behind the group. The exact distance to be covered on a particular Sunday is published on our calendar.

As a member you will be required to second / assist at a club run at least once a year on a Sunday. Your will be allocated a date for seconding which will be noted when you register for the year. This is over and above assisting at the annual 21 km Club Race in August.